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Enterprise Features is missing in Vive Manager App


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I have registered Vive Focus 3 device to the Device Management System.

I have installed Vive Manager to an Android device and Paired the headset to the Vive Manager.

I have also purchased "VIVE Business+, Pro Tier".

I don't se the "Enterprise Features" in the App Manager.

Thank you in advance.

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Hello, I have solved the problem. First, I uninstalled the Vive Manager app from my mobile. Then, I unpaired the Focus 3 from the mobile through the Focus 3 interface. Finally, I repeated the process of downloading and pairing the app with the Focus 3, and at last, the enterprise features option appeared. I hope this helps you.

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Hi, thanks for the reply, for me the solution was to use the new Business+ Web Portal to manage Batch Configuration and once installed on the Headset it shows the Enterprise Features.

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