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Boundary Settings: Changing Density of Grid / Increasing Trigger Range


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Unless I am missing something completely, I don't believe that these features are readily available.  We have 1 LBE VR title that we plan to port away from our backpack PCs to the Vive Focus 3 streaming.  The issue with this move is that there are times where the responsiveness of the boundary walls being triggered is too low for safety reasons (don't want guests accidentally running into walls, but it just triggers too close to the boundary to make the title work right)

It would be extremely helpful to have the customization features like Steam VR:  specifically, a much denser grid option, brighter laser-red color, and how many meters away it triggers.  

It would also be helpful to be able to enable these customizations on VBS, rather than just the the headset batch config - so we can have a denser grid enabled when streaming.


If there is some current workaround that exists, please let me know!  





-Devin Johnson, noobs VR, Redlands, CA  USA


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