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WaveSDK for Unreal Engine 5.3


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Dear Devs,


I wanted to use HTC Focus 3 on UE5.3 and I found out that there is no WaveSDK for that. Is there one coming soon?


I decided to go back and use UE5.2 Following all documents, it works, and I was able to compile my project successfully, BUT whenever I wear the headset, it crashes immediately on me.

Anyone can help me with this?

GMaxOpenGLColorSamples >= (GLint)InDesc.NumSamples [File:./Runtime/OpenGLDrv/Private/OpenGLTexture.cpp] [Line: 295]
libUnreal. so(0x0000000013EC10A8)! FOpenGLDynamicRHI: RHICreateTexture2DArrayFromResource(EPixelFormat, unsigned int, unsi
libc. so(0x0000000000084870): Unknown

0x0000007A0800A504 libUnreal. so(0x0000000013EB7504) !FOpenGLTextureDesc: :FOpenGLTextureDesc(FRHITextureDesc const&)

0x00000079FF120300 libUnreal. so(0x000000000AFD9300) ! Unknown

0x00000079FF1298FC libUnreal. so(0x000000000AFD68FC) !Wave: Render: : FWaveVRTexturePool:: CreateColorInPool(unsigned int) 

0x00000079FF12971C libUnreal. so(0x000000000AFD671C) !Wave: Render:: FWaveVRTextureManager: :AllocateColorTexture(Wave: :Render:: FWaveVRRenderTe

0x00000079FF0F310C libUnreal. so(0x000000000AFA010C) !FWaveVRRender: AllocateRenderTargetTexture(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, un

libUnreal. so(0x0000000013330470) !FSceneViewport: :InitDynamicRHI()

1ibUnreal. so(0x000000000F17B5E8) !FRenderResource: :InitResource()

libUnreal. so(0x000000000F1C4FAC) ! [Unknown](

libUnreal.so(0x000000000D56EB54) !FNamedTaskThread: :ProcessTasksNamedThread(int, bool)

libUnreal. so(0x000000000D56CF80) |FNamedTaskThread: :ProcessTasksUntilQuit(int)

0x0000007A016BEFC4 libUnreal.so(0x000000000D56BFC4) !FTaskGraphCompatibility|mplementation: ProcesshreadUntilRequestReturn(ENamedThreads: T

0x0000007A0327797C 1ibUnreal. so(0x000000000F12497C) [RenderingThreadlain(FEvent Cl

libUnreal. so(0x000000000F13B5A8)! FRenderingThreadi: Rund)

LibUnreal. so(0x000000000D701340) | FRunnable hreadPThread:: Run@

1EbUnreal.so(0x00000000005683A0) ! FRunnableThreadPThread: : ThreadProc(void*)


Note: It works on Quest 2 but a bit laggy.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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HI @AKATheBoss,

1. The WaveVR has no plan for supporting UE5.3 yet. The alternative way is to consider our vive openxr SDK https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/unreal/unreal-overview/, you can check the features to see if they meet your need first. (Note that the project settings are different from WaveVR)

2. For the crash problem, could you share your log with us to check further.

Here are the steps:

1) Make sure the device is connected to PC with USB. (Open Powershell and input "adb devices" to check.

2) Start logging by "adb logcat > log.log" on PC side.

3) Launch the app in HMD (Focus3 headset)

4) "Ctrl + C" to stop logging.

5) The log.log is what we need.

Thanks a lot!

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