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Vive Focus 3 Android Manifest Error for Sample Project for Face and Eye Tracking

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Hi there, I am currently trying to make a build for the sample project Face Model from VIVE Open XR version 2.0.0 for Unity version 2021.3.18f1. This is my first time using the face and eye trackers and the plugin even tho I have experience deploying the apps for Focus 3. I could you make a successful build at all and I am wondering if you have experienced similar situations? I would love a pointer on how to make a successful build as the deadline for the project I am working on is this week. 

Here is the error I have and attached is the Android Manifest file I have right now: 

A failure occurred while executing com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.Workers$ActionFacade
   > Android resource linking failed
     C:\Users\YitingLIU\Repos\CA-TS\Library\Bee\Android\Prj\IL2CPP\Gradle\unityLibrary\build\intermediates\library_manifest\debug\AndroidManifest.xml:50:9-73:20: AAPT: error: resource string/wvr_vr_mode_component (aka com.Sia.CATS_RPM_Vive_Scroll_Head:string/wvr_vr_mode_component) not found.


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Hi @yl3466,

Sorry to reply you late.

Could you try deleting the AndroidManifest.xml from C:\Users\YitingLIU\Repos\CA-TS\Library\Bee\Android\Prj\IL2CPP\Gradle\unityLibrary\build\intermediates\library_manifest\debug\AndroidManifest.xml?

Then rebuild your project again.

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