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Unity Scene Perception Demo File breaks Unity project


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Anyone else have this problem?  When importing Scene Perception 5.6 in the essence panel, the Demo DLLs fail to import causing all the demo scripts to throw fatal errors. 
Unity 2021.3.34  LTS.  
Vive Wave 5.6
Android Platform
Headset:  XR Elite

The initial error causing all the problems:

Script updater for Library\Bee\artifacts\1300b0aE.dag\Wave.Essence.ScenePerception.Demo.dll failed to produce updates.txt file

Followed a series of errors in ScenePerceptionDemo.cs caused by the missing DLL. The actual Scene Perception library compiles fine if I delete all the demo files. 

I'm just starting to learn Scene Perception.  Anyone know if there's a tutorial that I can download directly?  One that's not installed using the Wave Essence Project Settings?













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Hi @GabrielR,

Thanks for helping us to finding the issue, and we have quick verified to find the issue on our script.

We're preparing the Hot-fix version of SDK shortly to resolve this.

Meanwhile, we encourage you can visit our Open Source project Jelbee MR developed for MR application using Scene Perception SDK. 


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You're welcome! I'm glad I could assist in identifying the issue. It's great to hear that you're working on a Hot-fix version of the SDK to resolve it promptly.

I'll certainly check out Jelbee MR, your Open Source project developed for MR applications using the Scene Perception SDK. Thanks for the recommendation!

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