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Bluetooth Link communication failed


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I had basicly the same issue, tacking worked fine but was unable to set channel or enable power saving

Solved it by

1.lauch steam as admin (may not be needed) 

2.uninstall steamVR from tools

3.Delete the steam VR folder from documents and Steam install folder/appdata/common

4.Restart PC (may not be needed)

5.Reinstall steamVR

This solved it for me even checked after reboot etc

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Since day one of owning the vive (from when they first came out) I have ALWAYS had issues with the whole system.  Some times it works flawless as if no issues, then you can just turn it on one day and it struggles to detect base stations, or you get no audio or a blue screen on the headset even if you were only just using it the night before without issue this is no guarantee it will work the next day.

I think most of the faults are down to drivers/usb, but why they should fail especially if all you might have done is shut down the pc.  For me the solution that often works is just inplug it from one usb port and put it in another (usb3/2 makes no real different, a possible scapegoat).

One of the biggest issues I have had since day one which can disappear for months but then return later with vengeance.  If I press the menu button (one under the trackpad) the vive controller (any controller doesn't matter) locks up, the controllers will start flashing in SteamVR app and say "Controller disconnected", both base station icons turn grey but then 30 seconds later show online again. the headset turns blue.  You have to wait 30 seconds or so, hold down the menu button on the joypad and then it connects again, and works right.   This is issue is very random, I have never ever found a fix for it, USB2 possibly makes the issue happen even more.

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Just a though.  I had this Bluetooth link problem and I don't know if this was really the problem, but I noticed a blue button on the link box and noticed after pressing it that a little LED light went on or off.  So I'm thinking all along my Bluetooth link was down because of this small button I must have accidentally pressed.  Anyway, that was after doing to complete USBDeview routine.... so not sure ... but I was very surprised about this button.


I would highly recommend to check that you have the green LED on the Link Box.  Good luck.

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@EricD The button on newer link boxes is a physical power button. That button should power the entire headset on/off and the bluetooth circuitry in the link box.

On some models of linkbox like Vive Pro, the bluetooth module used to communicate with the basestations is embedded in the Linkbox. Those situations are the only ones in which the linkbox's power state would affect Bluetooth (Pro/Pro 2). That said, the linkbox was off, the entire headset should be off as well unless you're using Vive wireless.

I highly recommend using this app if you're iOS: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/bs-companion/id1533473030

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My new Vive wireless router is nice, nice to cut the umbilical cord. But since installing the wireless adapter my base stations don't wake up unless I use an app on my phone to manually wake them up (Lighthouse PM app). I tried removing all my bluetooth drivers in device manager and rebooting my computer and letting them re-install. Still doesn't work. Bluetooth is on in SteamVR but it says "Link box with bluetooth capability not detected." Any ideas?

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