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Bleh, won't let me edit my post, so gotta make a new one.


Anyway, the problem has now been fixed. I had to ask a friend of mine about it (he knows more about computers and such than I do). What threw me off was the fact that the tech support people referred to that insight thing as a plugin when in reality it isn't a plugin. The fact is I had that stuff blocked in my hosts file, so once it was commented out (meaning it was allowed through) Viveport is now working as intended.


Thus you may want to tell the tech support gentlemen that insight.adsrvr.org is not a plugin but rather something that can be blocked directly through the hosts file. Thus in the future, if people areh aving problems connecting they might want to check their host file to see if insight.adsrvr.org is listed - if it is, then they need to put a # in front of it. 


Anywho! I do appreiciate the help you have provided Synthesis, thank you kindly :)



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