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Server can't be reached...


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Ever since I installed Viveport - and reinstalled it - I've been getting a constant:


"An error has occured and the server could not be reached at this time. Please check your internet connection and try again later."


Well, my connection is fine, more so given I'm able to watch movies on Netflix or play some of my other game's online (including being logged into steam) I thought maybe the program required certain ports to be open to it but I can't find a list of ports that the program uses.


I've also done the following:

1. Disabled anti-virus, didn't do a thing.

2. Reinstalled program, didn't help at all.


This has been going on for a week now; I'm more than a little annoyed with how I keep getting this error yet am finding no solutions to the problem.


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Hey there, sorry you've been having these issues. Can you confirm which version of the client you're running? Check under Settings and at the bottom left you should see an 'r' number in brackets. The latest is r1076.


Thanks in advance.

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Sadly when I click on 'report an issue' none of the options that are available really pertain to the issue I am having. I did prowl through the various issues to see if there is anything that I could try out, but nothing works. Viveport is also added to my firewall on the comp, but still the same issues. That's why I was hoping to find a list of ports that the program uses, to see if opening them up makes any difference.

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