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Vive Store is asking for internet conection


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On my XR Elite, I am connected to a hotspot and have tested internet connection, however when we try to log into the vive store it says' No internet connection' We have tried this with more than one hotspot. 

The device was initially batch configured through Vive Business+ VBMS, I removed the device from the group and reset it, we want to test Viveverse on this. 

Issue: vive store states - no internet connection


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I have had the exact same problem for the past several days, perhaps since the last update. Everything else works fine online. I can even search the store just fine, but trying to browser the store it says I have no connection.

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i have exactly the same issue. i cant open the viveport or any apps that require an internet connection such as desktopVR.

i am connected to the internet (wifi) in the settings. its says there is an excellent signal. green to go. 

i try to open Viveport and it says to login with my account. then it takes me to the next page that says i am not connected. 

i dont have a vpn and the router is BT wifi which has worked for the last six months with this headset.

suddenly this headset is now completely useless as a standalone.

the headset only works when streaming from a pc.

also, my headset resest the boundarys literally everytime i put it on my head. 

1300 GBP device that does not work now.

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Hi @Sabrewulf1,

May I know what's your ROM version?

Go to Settings>General>About>System version.

If try switching Wifi OFF then ON, will this help?

What about reboot device?

Or even switch to other network such as Mobile hotspot.

Did you ever try above steps to recover?

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