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Unreal Engine Haptics & Focus 3

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Wasn't sure where to really put this as its a bit more of a "bug report" than asking for support. I have been working to get the Focus 3 and a project ready for an upcoming release over the past week. As I was testing my project on the headset (standalone, not tethered) I encountered consistent crashing after completing specific actions in the project. The issues were hard to debug but I eventually figured out that it was a "Play Haptic Feedback" node which was causing the crash. 

I have primarily worked with the Quest 2 in the past, an had not experienced any crashes like this with that headset. 

I'm not sure if this issue with the crashing is hardware or software related, or if its more to do with how Unreal Engine (5.2 in this case) is handling it. When tethered and running from a PC, the issues do not occur. 

I just wanted to add this information here to provide awareness for any HTC employees as its an issue that doesn't seem provide any kind of debug logs. It seems like the haptics need some sort of clamp value so the crash doesn't happen? Again, I'm not super sure what exactly is handling it, whether its Unreal or hardware but hopefully this helps others in future! 


Kat 🙂

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