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Focus 3 wifi 6e connection problems

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I've been successfully running a VR Arena in Brussels for the last 6 months. 

The exhibition has now moved to Bahreïn and I'm using the exact same setup.

The devices and the router are the same I used in Brussels (Nighthawk RAXE500 and 30 Focus 3 headsets running on 899.684 firmware).

Configuration hasn't changed on the router. 

Batch configuration for the headsets haven't changed either.

Before shipping everything to Bahreïn, I cleared the old map from the group the headsets were assigned to, removed the headsets from the group and cleared the map on each device.

Upon arriving at the new location, I scanned the new Map with an HMD and connected it to the internet via the router to upload that map to the VADMS,  by assigning it to the old group, using the old batch configuration where the 5g and 6g networks of the router are listed. I did not see at the time that my headset connected to the 5G network instead of the 6G.

Upon trying to reassign the other headsets to the former group on which I simply updated the map, I noticed that the HMD's could not see the 6G network. 

I see wifi 6e is not supported yet in Bahreïn. 

- Could this be the problem?

- Is there any way to be able to work around it?

- If not, what else could cause the issue?

- If nothing can solve the problem, what is the risk of running this VR Arena on a 5G network instead of a 6G?

I'm going back home on Monday (2 days from now), so time is of the essence here!! 

Thanks in advance for your help, I've been stuck on this all day and starting to feel desperate.


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