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Error 108 Headset not detected - desperately seeking for help


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I tried USB Deview but could not find any entries with vendor ID 28de or OBB4 (of course I checked "display unconnected devices" but I uninstalled several drivers with vendor ID 0000 and named bad_device or similar.


I reconnected the linkbox and two devices were insalled (it should have been at least four, I think?). See picture below. But error 108 and the red blinking light persists.


I am really sad because I do not know what to do else... You think we can get this working again?

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How sure can one be? I got a whole new 3-in-1-cable and if it was that before, it should not be broken again. I bought a new USB-expansion-card and also a brand new USB-cable. The only thing unreplaced is the HDMI cable but I assume that has nothing to do whether the drivers are going to be installed or not.


Later today I will use a PC with Windows 10 from a friend and we will try that. If that does not work I will have to wait for Apple to finish their supposed AR-glasses in maybe 2020 I am afraid. Apple hardware just works.

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