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Can't Install Vive Desktop App


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Whenever I try to install the Vive Desktop Software, it just closes without any errors. Whenever I click on Install right after choosing my folder location, the installer just closes without any warning.


My Steam software is detected and I changed the folder to install the Vive Software to many different places. I even uninstalled the Vive USB driver via SteamVR. I deleted the temporary folder of the Vive Software Installer and tried to reinstall but it just doesn't work.


I'm out of idea on how to get the app installed to access my Viveport Apps/Games

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Sorry you're having these problems, . I'll have to pass on these details to the engineering team, so can you give me a few more details?


- Version of Windows

- Did you try installing to the default folder? Is the installer closing even if you do this?

- Obvious question, but I have to ask: did you restart your PC before trying again?


Send me a PM if you prefer to discuss this there. Thanks.

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- I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

- I did install to the default folder the first time and it did close

- I did restart my computer after the first failed install and did it twice so far.


Thank you for the quick reply!

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As I don't want you messing around any further on my advice, I'm going to have to defer to our support team on this one who can help you further. If you're seeing this right after a clean reboot, I'd expect there's something 'stuck' from the install process that's causing a repeat failure.


Reach out to support here. Apologies again for the issues, .

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