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Subscription purchased, but subscription period says valid from "Jan 1 1970 to Jan 1 1970"


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I've subscribed to Vive for a month, and have been being billed ongoing without issues. I purchased three months of subscription and now my subscription is broken.


In both the Vive Desktop application and via website when I check my subscription under account settings, purchases are present and valid up to April 2018. When I go to the the Subscription section of both Vive Desktop and Vive website, my subscription period shows as "Jan 1 1970 to Jan 1 1970" (see screenshots).


Could a representative please assist? I logged a support case 7 days ago and haven't had a response. Super angry because 1) I took it for a trip to play with my family on Christmas and I couldn't play the games I downloaded and 2) I have a four day weekend off work and can't play the games I want to. 


My service request number is 117526965424.



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 The games you selected on the free trial month, does not get rolled over to this month.  


The dates appeared : "Jan 1 1970 to Jan 1 1970"  seems to be a bug from the front-end department(Ticket created)  .  

However, this does not effect users to select and launch the apps in subscription services.  Which means you could either select 5 new contents or choose the ones you had on the subscription page to gain access to these applications.  





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I cannot add any subscriptions. When I go to High Noon for example which I've previously subscribed to, on the store page it simply says "Available in subscription". When I click this it redirects to the Subscription page and prompts to me to pay and sign up or start a trial. 


This happens in both the Desktop app and via the browser. There must be something wrong with my subscription.


Please escalate and resolve. I'm 2 weeks in to a month I've paid for and cannot subscribe to any games.

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Hello, I am having the same problem. Re: [Ticket:117526988216] Email from Lori A Salisbury. Intially it had said valid from Jan1 1970 to Jan 1 1970. So i purchesed a 3 month subscription to add on and then it said expires May 2018. But I still cannot put any games on the subscription. I have emailed you 3 times on this. I am paying for nothing. PLEASE HELP.

Lori Salisbury

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