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vive tracker 2.0 (2018) and USB communication


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I've just read this morning the documentation for the vive tracker 2018 (developer guidelines) and compare to the documentation of the older version of the vive tracker, the possibility to send data to the vive tracker through usb inteface instead of POGO pin has disapeared in Use Case 5 (as well as the section regarding data format of the USB interface).

Is it just a missing or really usb interface is no more supported with Vive tracker 2018?


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Hi VibrantNebula,


You probably see this question coming from a mile away but I have to.

Is it planned for future firmware releases? The functionality is crucial for a product I am working on. It would be great if you could shed some light on the plans you have for this functionality moving forward. If it is dropped I will need to go down the route of building my own lighthouse compatible accessory.


Perhaps as a feature request; if the pogo pins could double as a port to access a reserved bit of FIFO buffer in the vive tracker that would be great. That way any micro could store up to date control inputs in the buffer and the vive tracker will have the latest possible control update off the accessory.

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I received my 2018 version tracker today and want to report that usb enumeration works and the device connects correctly. I will report back when I find out whether the HID messages are read and processed correctly by the vive tracker. 

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My 2018 Tracker arrived yesterday, and after having had a chance to test it I can confirm the following:


  • It does enumerate and connect to the accessory correctly.
  • It does not transmit data sent by the accessory through the USB input
  • It does not continue tracking after the USB cable is connected

My tests were performed using the same firmware that worked perfectly immediately beforehand using the previous version of the Vive Tracker. I suppose it's possible that HTC have arbitrarily changed the interface and using different settings would make it work, but that's unlikely. 


I cannot understand why HTC would release a v2 product that lacks key functionality the v1 product has without even an idea of if or when said functionality will be supported. Who thought that was a good idea?

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I'm serious how many people put their faith into HTC Vive not only upgrading the software but upgrading the hardware and yet we get this backstabbing betrayal thinking things were going to improve and now a lot of Developers don't know what to do without the hardware that they created for the trackers the one 1.0 trackers none the less and come to find out you can't use those on the 2.0 because they you they went through the USB input and all they're doing is just shrugging their shoulders in pointing the finger at the people who created the pp gun rifle or the other products that were in the works

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