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Where to buy SteamVR tracking 2.0


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Hi, we are small development team from russia, and we want to get some 2.0 base stationsfor developing VR projects for schools. 

Where could we buy it now? We need 4(or 8 if possible) base stations to try large area covering for 2 big rooms.

Thanks for your reply!

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I bought VIVE PRO HDM in Preorder I have this since 6th April , now full kit 2.0 is out,

and for all of us we preorder...where can we buy 2.0 accesories to complete my kit?

hope HTC didnt forget those people who trust in this HDM and bought before anyone...:mansad:

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,  - We're working with Valve to ensure that the launch of 2.0 accessories can occur at the earliest possible opportunity. I do not have any firm dates to share at this time as work is ongoing.  


The majority of 2.0 features have not been released - their current function is analogous to 1.0 basestations (except with 1 meter of additional range) pending updates from Valve.

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Its ok , but HTC is demostrating that strategy of marketing and releases plan are really bad .

Do a preorder to those faithful people that even with a big price of HDM we go for it because we believe, then 1 month after , launch the full 2.0 kit ; We re not a fortune tellers , If I am,  I had expected to buy the full kit... now , all those faithful buyer... are out of scope or waiting dunno how long to have fully kits... , like says "the last will be the first..." not for me anylonger.

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Since HTC are already selling these 2.0 Pro bundles, it's kind of confusing you guys can't point eventual release date. My personal reason to rush this buy is cause I can get most out of my Original Vive system on the aftermarket.

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