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Focus in Play mode


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I'm developing apps for the Vive Focus using Unity 2017.3.1, and looking for a way to see changes in play mode. Right now, even for minor changes, I have to build an APK, load to the Focus and play to view them. 


Is there a way to see these changes in editor, without building an APK? (similar to how it would be done in the Vive itself.)

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Good point from developer standpoint.

Currently there is only way to build an APK, load to the device and check the results.

Vive is easily working fine in editor mode since both run on PC platform.

As Focus and Unity, it's running on different system side (Android v.s. PC)


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Any plans for Unity Remote type support and debugging? I tried UnityRemote 5 (Unity Remote 4 unitypackage not available anymore, so APK only option), it does not seem to Install/Run on Focus. LogCat and DebugLog on android are a little limited, Unity would be better and allow linking to scripts etc. 

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