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I can't start app on the Focus Headset


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Tony this is a big problem for us as well. With the new package manager and other project management available with Unity 2018.1.1f1 we were really hoping NOT to have to downgrade and lose the great feature enhancements from a production pipeline perspective. I think your team would be doing us all a great service by ensuring that the plugin works with Unity 2018.1.1f1. Any updates there? 

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As a workaround (and just a workaround until 2018 is officially supported) you can open your project in 2017.x first, then edit the file Plugins/BuildCheck.cs and replace "2017" with "2018" on line 23.  Then open/import the same project in Unity 2018.x (you can't go back and forth however).


Also if you're having an error regarding a missing package name you can add it manually in AndroidManifest.xml as long as it matches the name you set in build settings by adding: package="..."  Place it inside the main "<manifest..."  tag on the first line.


Note: You may see an issue (blank screen) only with the first execution of the app after an install, simply going back to the launcher and back corrects this and there's no issues with subsequent runs.

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