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6DOF Vive focus/ Translate controller - Reach and grab mechanic


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Hey guys,


Quick question on the controllers. I have vive focus SDK and a controller.


Please confirm/correct the following points: 

1. It looks like the controller is only 3DOF (rotation works, but not translation) whereas the HMD can be 6dof?

2. Is it possible to translate the controller? That is can I make a game where I can reach out to objects with my hand to grab it like a normal vive/oculus?

3. If the 6DOF is not yet available, when are they planning to get it in?




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If you're new to 3DOF controllers altogether (and who can blame you if coming from the Vive) you're probably new to VR on mobile platforms e.g. Gear and Daydream. One way to start is to see what is out there on the markets specifically if you have a Focus, try as many titles already available on Viveport.


For development techniques, check out the following guideline from Google regarding IK arm models which help approximate 6dof movement:



For picking things up, an easy implementation would be to use a laser beam to bring the objects to you (perhaps using the trackpad for finer control).


Again try as many apps out there that use 3dof controllers, there's a whole audience out there already familiar with them, in fact the 6dof hmd will be more new to this audience than 3dof controllers.



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Hey Lak,


1. Yes, the controller is only 3DOF, while the HMD is 6DOF.

2. It is possible to move the controller in a rudimentary fashion, as Dario pointed out, you can use the arm model for that. I think there's an example in Unity, otherwise I think you can copy the Daydream implementation in GVR. And I believe the Focus manual also says something about this. It's not great, and not suitable for new users, but it does work. I've used the touchpad to move the controller forward and backward, making it somewhat possible to interact with things. But again, it's not great.

3. I read that the 2.0 firmware will support camera tracking of the 3DOF controller, enabling 6DOF as long as you look at it. This will undoubtedly work better than the solution described in point 2. But I'm sure it's coming "soon". Let's hope that's not in Valve time. Otherwise, the Finch Shift looks awesome, but I haven't been able to find anywhere I could order it.


Kind regards,



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6DoF is now out... I am currently using the latest SDK and I am having issues with it distancing it self from the Focus View... feels further then normal (scaling issue?). I am currently using a simple short ray/laser and trigger event to parent the object to the controller. I would like to see something a little more realistic for throwing, etc. 

Has the SteamVR/XR code been updated to support Focus Plus? 

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