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Use Gradle or Internal for Wave VR on Focus


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Do you have to use Grade instead of Internal for Focus apps? 


Some apps refusing build with Gradle (see attached) but samples build with either - just no display. Unclear if build tool is related to the issue 





Unity 2108.24f1

Unreal 4.20.1

Wave SDK 2.1.0

NDK R13b

Fusion system 1.531400.2


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I guess you might hit same issue below.


As for Unity version, we suggest you take version before 2018.1.2f1 since we find you might hit black screen (no display) when first time launch app on version after 2018.1.2f1 or even 2018.2.x. This symptom can be recovered by suspend/resume once, so you can keep development.

It's under investigation now.


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