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Vive Wireless Adapter PCIE Slot


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As most of you are aware, the upcoming wireless adapter requires spare available PCIe slot.

Those who run their Vive's on ITX motherboards don't have spare pcie slot, nor some of the older boards like mine don't have m.2 slot (Z97I Gaming AC). Some users have their gpu cards blocking access to their spare pcie slot. Any alternative options do we have?

Are these compatible?





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I'm very much in the same problem here as I have a mini-itx (B250I) in a Dan Case A4-SFX. Perfect for VR as it's the size of a shoebox, but no way to add a PCI-E card.


While this motherboard does has a PCI-E m.2 slot there's no where to put any external cabling or a full sized PCI-E card.


This is annoying as I want

the wireless kit far more than the pro headset.

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For laptops or small form factor it might need a separate box. What I was hoping for was something like the breakout box where I'd just connect power, USB and DisplayPort from the host and that would relay the signals via WiGig.


Might be something worth considering, as I think small form factor is perfect for VR systems. The whoel case is about the same size as a shoe box, or an large DVD player (depending what case you get) so is easily portable and doesn't take up much room. Yet, I can still pack an i7 and a 1080ti in there.


It's just there's no option to have an extra PCI-E card, or even any slots for external connectors.

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In the same boat over here. However I do have an available M.2 slot (PCIe)


Curious, an obvious solution should be PCIe M.2 Wigi adapters - But I havnt seen any of these  anywhere as of yet. My thoughts are something that simply plugs into the M.2 slot, and gives WiGi functionality, similar to any laptop using a Wifi / Bluetooth combo card.


Anyone seen something like this?

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, the wireless adapter is more than just WiGig components, there are additional hardware based technologies contained onboard the PCI-E card that are required to make the system function. At this time, we do not have an M.2 version of the required components and we are strictly targeting desktop PCI-E 1x/4x for the September 18' release. 

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I will be testing out a M.2 to PCI-e adapter that should work for most people that have an M.2 slot later today. I have almost no room in my mini-itx, so it should solve space issues for everyone if it works.


UPDATE: It works fine with an M.2 adapter. I only had about 3/16" under the MOBO, maybe even less, but the cable on the one I bought bends and is very flat.

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