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Vive wireless adapter high temperature


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After an hour or so I realized it was too hot and I took my Vive off
And immediately afterwards or checked the wireless temperatures that were high

I attach the photos of the wireless

someone else at the same problem, and how you solved it

I apologize but I do not know English well

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You can see the temperature here: C:\Program Files\VIVE Wireless\ConnectionUtility\Log

My M-Temperature gets up to 94. I put gold heat reflective tape on my DAS to help keep the heat away from my head, and it works, but it probably makes the adapter get even hotter. My head was too hot to want to use it before I did that.

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the other data displayed are room temperature which is the first displayed on the display the second is the humidity and the third I do not remember the fourth is what interests


the first photo 59.3 degrees celsius
the second photo 32.5 degrees celsius
the third photo 53.6 degrees celsius

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