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Vive_SRWorks_Demo Unity build not running (with Titan V installed PC)


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I've tried to run Vive_SRWorks_Demo Unity Build in two PCs.


Both were treated the same procedure before running

-Check for LHR device that is to be used

-C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\lighthouse was all cleared and relaunched SteamVR to remake these files and configs

-C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\lighthouse\bin\win64 -> generated lighthouse console.exe was ran to generate a config file and pasted it to relevant LHR folder config file

-Checked the camera in SteamVR/Settings/Camera

-Made sure controllers were on when running the Unity application

*The PC with Titan does not respond and freezes. (I do glimpse a white square in the window that syncs with the camera movement at startup for like 100ms, and then the whole application freezes)

*The PC with GTX 1080 runs the demo application.



1)PC 1: GPU-TitanV

Failed to run Unity build with this one

-Updated with latest NVidia drivers(12/12)


2)PC 2: GPU-GTX-1080

Do not know why this PC works

-Updated with latest NVidia drivers


The log file for the Titan V PC ends just as the

-[ENGINE_SEETHROUGH_0_DLL][timestamp for the action][LOG]TurnOn

is called. The log is then not updated, as the application freezes... No additional log is created.


In contrast, the GTX-1080 PC proceeds with the seethrough with additional logs about undistortion parameters and then proceeds with starting the Modules. The application then creates log file of "reconstruction" at the "previouspaths\Vive_SRWorks\Build-Unity-\Experience".



I suspect there might be an issue with the graphic care and the Vive-Pro's camera. Is there any way to run the SRWorks demo build with Titam V graphics card.



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