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Interrupted play session


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First of all, thank you for FINALLY getting back to this thread. And yes, It started out with just an interrupted play session, and now I can't even fire up my headset without the issue popping up before I can even get the headset on. I have noticed issues in non-VR programs, so at this point I've spoken with the people who built and sold me my computer, and they've agreed it's probably the graphics card that's busted. I will know in a week or two if that was indeed issue. I will report back once I've recieved my new graphics card.

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Hi. In my case, nothing else to report but I haven't been playing many games outside VR recently. I'll run a few and see what happens.


I've opened a support ticket through SteamVR but no progress there as so far I'm being asked to repeat tasks I've already done...update drivers and so forth.


One thing of interest is that according to Steam support, my Vive Wireless Adapter software "may interfere with SteamVR in some cases" and they want me to try tethered instead of wireless and see what happens.


This PC is only a few months old so a pretty fresh Windows install and not much software other than MS Office and Steam / games loaded on it right now.

We'll see if I have the same issues when running with a wired connection.



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Yes, sorry, my wording was unclear.

I opened a support ticket with Valve and they claimed to have forwarded it to Vive support as well.

I've since tried the following with no affect:


wired vs. wireless

reset all USB devices through SteamVR and rebooted linkbox

tried several older nvidia drivers (using Device Driver Uinstaller) and currently have the current driver installed again

Windows 10 Pro install is current

disable SteamVR beta


I'm trying to find out if it's possible to roll back to a previous SteamVR version but for some reason, they won't even acknowledge the question.


I'm trying to get feedback with the developer of a particular game (First Person Tennis) as it's in playing this game that I first noticed the problem.

to see if I can revert to a previous version of that as well as they had an update on Jan 26 although there don't seem to be others with this particular problem, at least that have posted anything.


At least in two different games, the display will freeze in as little as 10 seconds or as long as 10 minutes or so but will always do so in those games.


There is also flickering that wasn't there prior to the start of these problems.






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  I replied to this but now I don't see it anymore.

Yes, sorry, my wording wasn't clear. I did open a support ticket with Valve, describing the original problem in this discussion.


I have tried old and new versions of video drivers. Windows is current.

Tried any settings in SteamVR suggested by Valve

Completed a clean boot of Windows and retested with the same results.

Tired running with cable instead of wireless but same result. wireless is not the issue.


There are some games where it never freezes, such as Beat Saber, which I assume is not very demanding and even though my PC specs are fine, it seems the problem has surfaced with multiple games that are more demanding from a video perspective...First Person Tennis and about 4 others.


I have asked Valve if there is any way to share the support discussion with Vive support but no response yet.


I don't notice any other general issues with my PC. Again, the frustrating thing is everything was just fine for almost a month with no trouble at all. 


I don't know what else to test or how to diagnose further as I can't roll back SteamVR to a version I know worked fine. I'll see if they have any other suggestions.

Do these symptoms sound like a headset problem of any type. My experience is exactly like the original description in this discussion, depsite in that case, it may be a general PC or video card problem. We'll see what happens when his PC comes back I guess.

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  just to claify, it's  who's is getting his PC looked at.

I'm at a dead end at the moment.


I found a handful of posts from as far back as 2 years ago where the symptoms described were exactly the same as I'm experiencing, video freezing while audio / game continues.


In some of those cases it was a Windows 10 general update and video driver combination that was fixed by either restoring a previous Windows install or nvidia video driver and eventually, a current video driver fixed it.


In a couple of cases, a replacement USB cable corrected the issue. In another couple of cases, it was a GPU replacement.


I have tried everything suggested by Valve and what I can find here and in other discussions and no fix yet.

I may also have to try a new video card and / or new boot drive with clean Windows install.



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Finally did some testing outside VR and having some issues in general with the GPU I think. Benchmarks will fail to complete as well.

I have an RMA in progress with EVGA and should have a replacement in about a week.

I'll let you know how that goes but I'm optimistic it will solve the problems.

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