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SRanipal FAQ

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@jaalto1 You can find some helpful steps in the SRanipal get started guide included with the SDK download.

Download the SRanipal SDK

Import the Unity plugin (.unitypackage) into the Unity project

Open the sample scene and play in editor or build

Check eye tracking works in sample scene and robot eyes are green in notification tray


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@Corvus Hi! I have followed the getting started guide in the SDK download. Neither of the eye sample scenes work, they both crash when trying to open them. The runtime is installed as well. How can I solve this issue? Thanks for your support.

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Hello there. I createted a new topic, but I will ask the questions here just in case.

I have been searching for these information below, but I can not find the follwing topics.

1.Relationship and Calculation Method between LensOrigin and GazeOrigin.
I have seen the attached picture, but I have not understand the coordinate systems between LensOrigin and GazeOrigin.
Where can I get information that explains how to calculate the eyes angle?


2.Design Values for LensOrigin and SystemOrigin
Could you tell me the design value for LensesOrigin and SystemOrigin?
The Lense knob can be changed, so is only the z coordinate of Lens Origin of variable?
If so, does the number of the distance displayed in a image of HMD when changing the distance of lenses show the z-distance from the system origin to lense origin?

3.Relationship between Lens Origin and Screen Coordinates
Where can I get information about the relationship between Screen coordinates and Lens Origin?

If the z direction of Lens Origin is variable , does it affect the gaze angle in the screen coordinates?


Moreover, It would be helpful if anyone share documents about the coordinate systems about VIVE PRO EYE.



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I found that the SRanipal SDK function GetOpenness can be used to get a 0~1 value for eye opening.
But by what standard is this measured?

I would like to know if there is a document or topic that contains this information.

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Hi there,


I have a question about the SRanipal and stuck in idle state. Recently I had to wipe my computer and reinstall eye tracking and such which I had no issues before but now, it is stuck in idle. Calibration works fine and even shows green as its working, but right after will return to idle. I've tried a reinstalling the lastest version of the software and a few older versions with no success. Kinda stuck at what next to try or do so any suggestions would be great.  

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I have noticed that my program is reporting "[SRanipal] Initial Eye v2: NOT_SUPPORT_EYE_TRACKING" when initializing SRanipal. The sample in the ViveSR is also crashing. My program's environment has not changed in over two months, and I did not encounter this issue two months ago. I am wondering if anyone else has recently encountered the same problem and has figured out how to resolve it.

Additionally, when attempting to perform calibration in SteamVR, I receive the error message "Initialization Error."

Here are the details of my setup:

  • Headset: HTC Vive Pro 2
  • VIVE Eye and Facial Tracking SDK: v1.3.6.6

If anyone has experienced similar issues and knows how to resolve them, I would appreciate any guidance or assistance.


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