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How to get input from tracker when the controllers are connected


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I tried everything and I am not able to receive any input from tracker when the controllers are on. If I turn them off, I receive the input. I dont need to get the inputs from Left and Right controller, I only need to track them. What can I do to make this possible?


SteamVR 2.2

VIU v.1.10.4

HTC Vive

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For unity 2019.1, i can get input from 2 controllers and 2 trackers poco input at most, usually 2 controllers and 1 tracker poco input only.

For unity 2018.3, i only can get 2 devices input.
e.g. 2 x controllers OR 1 controller and 1 tracker poco OR 2 trackers poco
If i turn on the controller, the controller will take over the trackers input immediately, which means i can only use either 2 of controller or trackers input.
p.s. if i turn on 2 controllers, trackers are not able to get input but still can track the position.

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