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Optional Eye Tracking Issue

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We're working on adding optional eye tracking into our existing software and are having a couple of issues.

  • Both the Vive Pro and Vive Pro Eye seem to return the same model name when fetched through Unity's API (XRDevice.model = "VIVE_Pro MV"). The only way we've found of distinguishing whether eye tracking is available is by attempt to initialise the framework and seeing if that worked, but that causes the SR_Runtime UAC popup to appear. Is there any other way of detecting which headset is attached?
  • If you don't have SR_Runtime installed, but try and initialise it, it brings up a message box prompting the user to install the runtime with a link. As initialising is the only way we're aware of to detect Pro vs Pro Eye, is there any way to diable this message? I can't find it anywhere in the C# code, so it is presumbaly in the native plugin.


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Checking if the HMD is a pro eye was added in SDK 1.0.1 with this function:



You can find more info about it in the html docs here:



This will allow you to check for the pro eye without initializing.


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