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play sample projects (ControllerInputMode_Test sample )


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Hi all,


I am very new to unity as well as Vive Wave SDL.

To understand about the controller I am trying to play a sample after importing wvr_unity_sdk.unitypackage && wvr_unity_samples.unitypackage/ sample: ControllerInputMode_Test.


In Unity, when I click "play", nothing happened but 

In the log I got this message 


WVR_WaveVR WaveVR() initialize simulator failed, WVR_Quit_S()
WaveVR_Log.Log:e(String, String, Boolean) (at Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/WaveVR_Log.cs:66)
WaveVR:PrintErrorLog(String) (at Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/WaveVR.cs:44)
WaveVR:.ctor() (at Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/WaveVR.cs:192)
WaveVR:get_Instance() (at Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/WaveVR.cs:53)
Device:get_connected() (at Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/WaveVR_Controller.cs:258)
WaveVR_ButtonList:Update() (at Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/WaveVR_ButtonList.cs:71)



 NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
WaveVR_Controller+Device.get_connected () (at Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/WaveVR_Controller.cs:258)
WaveVR_ButtonList.Update () (at Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/WaveVR_ButtonList.cs:71)


Could you please kindly give me some advices? Thank you!








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Hi  ,


Could you disable simulator first to check if it's working or not?

Because there is a bug inside simulator functionality and need a patch for fix it, or it's included in our next release which is coming soon on the end of this month.


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Thank you   for your quick reply!


There is not error now! 

Could you please kindly tell me how can I know how the sample works in unity? I mean for example using mouse, or using some key as the control to click on button. Thank you!



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