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Running SR_Runtime without admin

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When I launch SR_Runtime from an admin user account, the UAC popup appears, and it lauches and runs with elevated permissions without any problem. Similarly, if I'm logged in as a normal user and run SR_Runtime as an administrator, everything seems to work fine. However, if I run it as a normal user by just double clicking the shortcut/executable normally, there is no UAC popup, and no outward sign that anything has gone wrong (the tray icon even has the orange eyes), but any attempt to initialise the eye tracking seems to return INITIAL_FAILED.

Is there any way to launch the runtime without requiring admin privileges?

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On 7/8/2019 at 2:25 AM, Daniel_Y said:

SR_Runtime needs admin privilege to do certain system configurations.

This is a fatal design flaw in your software. How can anyone in 2019 think that it acceptable for software to require Windows 95-style full access to start? We are operating in an enterprise environment and giving users these permissions is completely inacceptable. If the software needs to do "certain system configurations", the configuration part should be separated from the end user runtime such that only privileged opertions need elevation. Please fix that asap!


@Daniel_Y @zzy @Corvus

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On 8/14/2019 at 1:55 PM, Daniel_Y said:

Need Admin privilege to launch SR_Runtime. Next version will prompt message to user if they do not have.

So I am a little in the future and it did ask permission to run but after that the initialization failed. I don't think my account had admin privelages.

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