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Wave SDK version mismatch on Focus?


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I'm a bit confused between the Vive Wave SDK found at:

https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/wave-sdk/ (Current Version 3.0.2)


and the WAVE SDK Version found on my Focus/Settings/About Device (Version 2.1.8)


Is the latter supposed to be 2.1.8 or should it be 3.0.2? I tried updating the system but I get no new updates.


Build number:

1.69.1405.3 9.0_g CL 1057469 release_keys


System Version 5.0


Kernel version:



Many thanks,


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Hi  ,


After checking, here is the info.

       Latest commercial ROM: 2.1.8

       Latest developer ROM: 3.0.2

We have two ROM versions, and one for Commercial and one for developer.

It depends one where and what's channel you purchase.

The developer ROM include with the latest SDK version to provide developer to implement the new feature and funtionalities.

Hope this info. is helpful.







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Thank you Tony for the clarification.


I bought it in Honk Kong through Amazon last year because it was out of stock in Europe and I needed it asap.


Is there a way to get the developer ROM?

If not, does it mean I should keep developing using the old SDK?


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Hi  ,


You can still use this ROM for developing Wave 3.0.2 SDK content.

It's compatible between ROM and SDK.

The impact for you is if you design new feature inducing in 3.0.2, and the functionalities maybe partial work or didn't work based on older ROM version.

For example, Single Pass Rendering and Auto Key Mapping features etc.

Otherwise it should be compatible for most of functionalities.


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Hi @Tony PH Lin

As we're reliant on features of ROM 3.0.2, (and soon to be 3.1?) e.g. single-pass w\stencil buffer, we're concerned that what we're seeing on our devkits is not going to be an accurate reflection of what consumers see, if they're still using 2.1.8.

Is the intention that we have additional consumer devices for QA, or will the consumer ROMs eventually catch up with the devkits? Knowing expected dates for these consumer updates would obviously be crucial to us planning app releases going forward.


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There are already broken features when using the consumer version.   An example is the vive video application.  Since it was updated for SDK 3x,  the stereoscopy is completely gone now (same images per eye).  when running it on a consumer version.    Paying nearly £800 for a headset and for it to be "discontinued" in a short period of time is not on

@Tony PH Lin

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