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Unity Foveated Rendering


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I have a question regarding the foveated rendering on Unity.

Is it a feature that works on all HTC headsets, or only some?


I'm trying to use it with the Vive Focus, but no matter what the parameters, it doesn't change what's displayed. Either it be with the Unity Editor or inside the headset.

Has anyone had any success with it?

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@juanyvos Can you please specify what Unity tool, SDK, or feature you're trying to enable foveation in? There's a number of ways to approach it nativley for Unity.

I'm mostly a desktop developer but I believe that you need to enable foveation within the WaveSDK and not at the engine level as the Focus is not natively supported within Unity. This is the documentation for how to enable it via the WaveSDK. I've tagged members of the Focus/WaveSDK team to this thread to confirm my response.

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