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Vive Focus Hand Tracking

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I am using Hand Tracking in Vive Focus with Wave VR SDK. I am running example scene HandModel and Sample from Vive Hand Tracking. In sample scene I am only getting two dots for my Left and Right Hand, there is no Skeleton view for hand. And nothing shows in HandModel scene. Its there any setting to run Skeleton or model of hand for Vive Focus device please help on this.

Thank You


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Hi @UPSImmersiveLab

The status for Vive Focus and Vive Focus Plus are same, support for skeleton mode is planned to release by the end of this year.

The current version (v0.8.2) supports gesture and 3D point detection on Focus and Focus plus. If you encounter problems about building with WaveVR SDK, please create a new post with the error you encountered, so we can help you to solve it.

The supported WaveVR version is 2.1.8 or newer. If you are working with Unity, I would recommend you to use LTS versions (2017.4 or 2018.4), since they are more stable. We do support 2019, but newer version after plugin release may have some features that break the plugin.

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@zzy, hi

Thank you for the SDK Release 0.9.0.

I have some problems. When I export sample project to apk (ViveHandTrackingMap) and run on Vive Focus, I constantly getting the error: "Position tracking lost". And i can't do anything. Only reboot device helps. Why is this happening to me?


I'm using Unreal Engine 4.22 and WaveVR 3.1.4. 

Plugin installed correctly.

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