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Vive University Representative?


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Do you think i could become a VR hustler? i turn up these parties and places bets on getting the highest scores. 

I see a new revenue stream. 

I see a remake of The Hustler. ;)


Welcome  - wheels are starting to turn in my brain about doing this sort of thing officially, but for now, evangelize away... we're actually going to be looking for people to show us their 'first VR experience' on social media soon, so stay tuned for that. :)


If there's interest, perhaps we can start a thread to gather people around who want to demo.

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No doubt! I am in. We have our setup up and running and are starting to build opportunities in our community to show it off. Everytime you put someone in it they find something different that hooks them. I am really interested to keep learning which aspects grab people's attention and how to measure that.



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