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Headset was working flawlessly for weeks, now suddenly no display/black screen


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Update, I did manage to get the headset to turn on briefly, while on it continually strobed between grey and the running program at a rate of over 10hz. Then turned off and I haven't been able to get it started again.

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[sOLVED] (For me at least) Not sure if this was ever fixed, but there were 2 issues that I seemed to have had, one, I had a tv and a mirror that disrupted the tracking, and the HDMI cable that I was using to connect the link box to the pc was faulty, as I used the idea of bypassing the link box, it worked great. So I reverted it back to the link box again and thought it was faulty. No, it seems the HDMI decided to give out on me. Weird... but a new cable fixed the issue! With also covering up any reflective surfaces.

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