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Virtual object not static


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On 9/16/2019 at 8:49 PM, sbouilland said:


I have added a virtual object in the real scene captured by vive cameras. By the way, this object supposed to be static seems to move in the real scene, especially if I translate (see attached video). Is there a way to correct this ? Thanks a lot by advance !


@Daniel_Y @Jad

Are you trying to place the cauldron on the desk? It appears to be on the floor.

To place it on a real world desk, a mesh scan of the desk is required.

As for mesh scan, try looking into Sample4 in the Experience Demo package.


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21 hours ago, sbouilland said:

Please, read the first post and watch th video.  The problem is why the object seems to move while it should be static. Thanks.

@sbouillandIn the video, it appears that you attempt to place the object on the desk without performing a mesh scan. 

Could you kindly clarify the effect you would like to achieve?

Still, it is recommended to look into the Experience Demo package, a project made with SRWorks Unity Plugin.


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