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Vive Pro + Wireless adapter: screen goes dark


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My setup:

i9-9900k 5 ghz

z390 Aurus Master

MSI 2080 ti Duke

TridentZ c16 3200hz (XMP1)

Just got the Wireless adaptor with Vive Pro adapter kit. When the headset is connected wirelessly and I start SteamVR, the screen will sporadically shut down. What I see is something like receiving a basketball to the face with your eyes closed - a "flash" followed by a black screen. The headset's light turns red but Steam VR continues to track. Sometimes, the game continues to run and you can see the movement of the headset through the game window or VR mirror on your monitor. Sometimes, it'll crash the game and switch to the the steamVR lobby. Sometimes, the headset will recover picture (but no sound), and other times it won't recover at all and I have to restart SteamVR.

This behaviour happens sporadically through all the the following setups:

- all original cables on the wireless headset, linkbox disconnected, blutooth on

- all original cables on the wireless headset, linkbox disconnected, blutooth off

- USB power cable switched on the wireless headset, linkbox connected, blutooth on

- USB power cable switched on the wireless headset, linkbox connected, blutooth off

The behaviour doesn't change. The problem doesn't seem to stem from the cables or the blutooth either. This is obviously unnacceptable as this shutdown will happen once or twice per play session and it's highly disruptive.

Do I need to return this, or are there any tried and true solutions to this issue?




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Hello, have the same issue. Getting blackouts, but sounds and tracking still working. In rare cases sounds also stop working. Sometimes it come back in ~5 seconds, sometimes i need to replug usb cable because screen still black. Sometimes controllers whiches connected to headset stop tracking and i need to re-pair them

I'm constantly trying to fix that in background, but no lucks. What i tried: updateing BIOS, switching channel mode, changing PCIe slots, different USB cables, i attached small cooler on the top of adapter, different battery pack, disable power managment, different PCs and windows. 

Seems to CPU get stumble and stop encode video, idk.

I can't uderstand why some people don't have problems with thier wireless? Is just a random which adapter you will get (with blackouts or not)? Can it depends on system?

My specs: 
Vive Pro
MSI Z370 Gaming Plus
i7 8700K
32gb 3200mhz

Second PC:
ASUS Prime Z370-p
i7 8700k
32gb 2666mhz



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Those systems are almost identical. The motherboard is actually the same, aside from the branding and some minor details. In my experience, the issue does seem to be related to the PC hardware, though it's been very difficult to determine exactly how it happens. It doesn't seem to be related to the adapter itself, from what I've seen. If I were to take that adapter and set it up on one of our wireless stations in the office, it would probably work flawlessly like any other adapter would.

However, in your case, it sounds a bit more like a bad cable or port. The reason I say this is because you're losing video, but not audio. If the wireless adapter wasn't working right, you'd just have no signal at all.

Please send me a PM and I'll see if there is something I can do for you.

-Jack S

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I have new information about blackscreens. Today i got long blackscreen which didn't want to return to normal state. When it happend i took screenshot from my desktop. All time, when blackscreen was alive, Windows Explorer in task manager was doing some work. When i killed Explroer process my black screen returned to normal and i was able to continue playing vr, but after that i was getting blackscreens randomly as usual. I tried to set Low priority for all processes, excluding SteamVR, but didn't helped.


I know this can't give us way to fix that, but still try to find something that can fix that problem. Also my CPU got wobbling all that time.cpu.PNG.bfc0f66e5e70a5f5edd6ed8e3b237147.PNG

I also thinking about M.2 storage device, can it creating issues, because i have one?



@Synthesis @VibrantNebula

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Hello, so i tried a lot for fixing that problem. I recorded some crashes with detail system info on crash moment, please check it out: 


A week ago i bought new motherboard ASRock Z390 Taichi Ultimate which didn't fixed black screen issue. I tired different PCIe slots on that mobo. 

I thought maybe my battery packs are bad. I bought another one ANKER Speed 10000 QC 3.0, but it also didn't fixed that.

What can it be, RAM, GPU, CPU, PSU, Wireless Adapter, HMD?

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9 hours ago, TomCgcmfc said:

Maybe try removing any overclocking (cpu and gpu).  I've found that overclocking these can lead to system instability. 

I tried with default 3.7 Ghz for CPU and tried playing without MSI Afterburner/GPU overclock. No difference.

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Recently i wrote to Russian Vive Support (cuz i'm from ru) with my issue. They asked me system report which i gave to them. 










Screen on Russian, so i highlited important info. They wrote me that i'm using 3 monitors and i need to disable 2 of them (!!!) for stabilazing GPU. 

So yesterday and today i tested with only 1 monitor. With 1 monitor i also got 2 black screens and 1 gray crash with disabling contollers and sound. 

1 monitor testing

















I also took old different PC from my father with specs:

different pc














i7 3770K
16GB Corsair 1333mhz
GeForce 1080ti

That PC didn't fixed problem.

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I have this issue also, have tried absolutely everything to fix it.  Sometimes the screen goes black for just a few seconds then recovers . . . other times it goes black, game and tracking is still running (I can tell because of 3d sound sources); however the only way to recover is unplug the headset power, then reboot it on the fly.  Most of the time everything recovers without issue after the headset reboots. 

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