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No image on Cosmos and Error 210


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Hello! I just recieved my vive and after connecting it, there's no image on cosnos and Console shows error 210. Restarting doesnt help. I dont have a DiaplayPort on my laptop, only mini Displayport, so i forced to use a adapter. Can this adapter cause these problems? 

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Hey @Kastle,

Thanks for reaching out and apologies on this initial issue you're experiencing. Let's fix this.

Adapter could be the problem, but we'll need more information to reach that conclusion. 

Let's check if the mini Displayport port is directly for your GPU. Presuming you have Nvidia, you can check through these steps:

Right click desktop > Nvidia Control Panel > Click "Set PhysX Configuration" 



If you're mini DP is connected to your GPU, then we can presume what you proposed - the adapter. Another user (Phr00t) with a similar issue said, "It appears DisplayPort 1.2 runs @ 17.28GBPS, so you will need a cable or adapter that supports at least that speed." - Post link

Hope this helps. Let me know what you find.


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I have the EXACT same issue.  I have a thread on this forum about this.  I've check and the minidisplay port is using the nvidia graphics card.  I've purchased a highspeed adapter, a mini to mini high speed cable, a mini to hdmicable, a displayport to hdmi adapter and STILL EXPERIENCE this issue!  It's NOT the cable!  There are SEVERAL other people complaining about this EXACT issue, and have been since launch.  Should we just RMA it since you cannot solve the issue?

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Hi @Kastle & @Tindelltech

Thank you for the details! Apologies on this issue.

  1. Could you share us your computer/laptop specs (CPU, GPU, RAM, make/model)? 
  2. Please confirm on my earlier post if your mini DP port is directly connected to your GPU. (Only for @kastle) 
  3. Please submit an issue report through your VIVE Console and confirm when complete (with Trace No. if possible)

Thank you for your patience. We are working to address this. 


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