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No video stream to Cosmos


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I have a very strange error. It shows error 210: compositor is disconnected, but SteamVR says that everything is okay. Viveport can launch games and SteamVR home, but only at computer. Headset IS being tracked and apps show this, but still no display on cosmos. Cosmos also shows red light. I use MSI Ge73 Raider RGB 8RF (GeForce gtx 1070 8gb, Intel core i7 8-th generation) and I don't have DisplayPort, only mini DisplayPort, so I forced to use adapters. I tried lots of adapters but no one worked. pls help 

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R-click on desktop, select NVIDIA Control Panel, click on system information and check what the Video BIOS Version is. Chances are you need a VBIOS update.

Read this thread for more info. The poster there had a VBIOS version of 86.04.7D.00.29 and had to update to 86.04.7D.00.37.


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The VBIOS are not public and are given out only after contacting MSI Support on a case by case. If you are affected by the VBIOS problem(what's your version? please tell us) you will have to contact them and ask them. On the linked thread, first time the poster contacted MSI Support they said there was no updated VBIOS and he had to retry until they gave it. The linked thread might give you info for making your case with them.

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Almost certainly you need a VBIOS update.

From the other thread here is the ending post for the person that had the problem.

On 10/17/2019 at 8:47 PM, Tindelltech said:

I appreciate your thoughts.  Upon calling MSI back, we tried various VBios to get it to work.  I can now say this headset IS WORKING.  Here's the fix.  Use latest Nvidia drivers, use Vbios 86.04.7D.00.37 (it must be that version!), flash system and reboot, use Vive Cosmos Beta software, and Mini DP 1.4 to Mini DP 1.4 cable.  Then system works as intended.  You must use that EXACT setup or headset will NOT WORK!.   


Thank you.

You can point to this thread if MSI Support needs any proof.

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