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Headset tracks fine, controller tracking is a joke


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As stated, i have to hold my arms straight out Infront of me for it to work, if I have them done they drift and takes a second or 2 before it registers em when lifting arms.....if  one crosses the other one they drift, archery style games just go haywire, it's makes everything unplayable

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Hey @cughin,

I hear ya and apologize for the issue you're experiencing with tracking. Our team is committed to releasing ongoing software updates to improve the Cosmos experience including controller tracking.

Here's our promise:


Here's our 1st SW release last week. Please stay tuned for more. If you'd like to be on the latest update, be sure to enroll into the Beta mode as we have another one coming soon. 


Thank you for your feedback.


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Agreed...the controller tracking is light years behind original Vive. i have shown how accurate tracking is in demos by getting peope to throw the controller to me in vr and i can catch it...this..lol...these would just be broken plastic on the floor...its laughable how bad the tracking is...yet Ive paid exactly the same price for this as I did for the orignal Vive a couple of years ago...the Cosmos is inferior in every way except the upgrade displays...and the only way to fix properly is to *give HTC more money* how does that work?!?!

Try for a refund...get an index if you can! I wish I could!

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