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Downgrade to 1.0.5


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Two Questions;

1) why would you want to do this?

2) why do you need to multi-post this request on unrelated threads?

Honestly, if you think that downgrading is going to help I think you are mistaken.  If you are having issues with the latest software you should contact Vive support and ask them for some help imho.

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14 minutes ago, oxygen4004 said:

I want to compare 2 versions, and desapointed it is not possible...

So, now when I reinstall vive setup, directly it is 1.0.7

But I am happy with the cosmos!

It should now update to public (non-beta) and this is a pretty nice update imho.

Anyway, Im glad you are happy with your Cosmos.

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My apologies on the issue you're experiencing! Keep us posted on your new GeForce upgrade. Let's keep all your post under one thread so the information is consistent and easy to find for us and readers that may share the same issue. 🙂

Let's use this one: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6800-loss-of-tracking-and-floating-image/





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