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Vive Focus Teleport using VIU


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I use VIU to create Vive Focus Plus content.

The VIU teleport moves to a position slightly higher than the cursor position.

How can I teleport to the height of the cursor position?

The attached image has the Vive Focus Plus controller on the floor.
It is in a state of floating about 10cm.

Is this a problem with Vive Focus Plus?
Or is it a VIU problem?





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@h-shirakami If your controller lies on the floor, but in your scene, your controller seems to float in the air, it is because the height is not adjusted correctly.

Previously, in this post, I did mention about how is the height setup in Vive Focus Plus,

On 6/13/2019 at 11:04 AM, chengnay said:

I got feedback from Wave SDK team,

They said correct way of using VIVE Focus/Focus Plus will be as follows,

1. Device in suspend mode

2. Put your HMD on while standing

3. Launch app while standing


This way, the height(default value is 175cm, cannot calibrate) in VR world will be correct.


Since the default value of Vive Focus Plus is 175cm, it might depends on how you put on the HMD.

If you are putting on while standing up, and the floor is still not the right height, you simply can adjust by using the Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\ViveInputUtility\Examples\Shared\Scripts\CustomDeviceHeight.cs from VIU.

You can refer to VIU's example scene, Teleport scene,

VROrigin>DeviceHeight, here is the script that you can adjust the height.


NOTE: Remember to add below code

On 6/14/2019 at 1:52 PM, chengnay said:

In Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\ViveInputUtility\Examples\Shared\Scripts\CustomDeviceHeight.cs,

public void UpdateHeight()
    var pos = transform.localPosition;

    switch (VRModule.activeModule)

        case VRModuleActiveEnum.WaveVR:
            transform.localPosition = new Vector3(pos.x, m_height, pos.y);


EDIT: @h-shirakami To double confirm I understood your question,

You mean after you teleport, then your position seems to move higher than original position?

Before you teleport, does your controller floating in the air or lie on the ground?

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On 11/16/2019 at 6:06 PM, h-shirakami said:

Sorry for the late reply.

On the content side, VROrigin and floor are set to 0 at the start.
However, if you teleport, you will be slightly higher.

Does the height go higher and higher everytime you teleport?

Or just once after the 1st teleport?

This issue happens on VIU's example scene?

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I would like to double check again,

Before you teleport, you put the controller on the ground

In the content, is it also lying on the ground?

So, after you teleport once, your controller will be floating in the air and cannot lie on the ground?

Could you also send me a copy of your apk?

I would like to test on my device.

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Could you try my apk, and tell me what's the result after following my steps?


1. Stand up and put on your headset (Make sure your headset is in suspend mode)

2. After launch the content, put your controller on the floor and record the height

3. Teleport then put the controller on the floor and record the height


NOTE: If the controller model is missing, it doesn't matter, this is a debug mode.

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