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Vive tracker acting strange around waist


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Hopefully this isn't a duplicate

So I purchased 3 Vive Trackers a few months ago or so and everything seemed to be fine until recently. I've noticed when I'm in the SteamVR home area (Where you can look at settings, desktop and steam) I keep seeing the tracker around my waist freaking out. For example: tracker starts to float away, tracker starts to show signs of vibration and shaking a lot when standing completely still, etc. It's only the one that I put around my waist. I've seen that covering the tracker completely makes it behave that way but it still happens regardless.

Things I've done-
- Tucked shirt in and made sure nothing is covering/around the tracker
-Switched the trackers around to see if it was just that one tracker
-Updated them to the current versions
-Moved around the noggle things (forgot the name)

And about the update, It seems as though whatever version they were on previously seemed to be better before updating them. Not sure if it's just the timing or if it really did something. I also live in a flat matte style room with no reflective surfaces, not even tiny areas. As well as playing at night so my window is covered (heard that was an issue for some people before). If anyone could provide any help or suggestions It'd be greatly appreciated.


@VibrantNebula @jagibson

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On 11/14/2019 at 4:00 AM, jagibson said:

Does this happen to any of the trackers around your waist or do the symptoms only affect the one specific tracker (and do these symptoms follow that tracker regardless of placement)?


It's only whichever one I place on my waist. If I switch the waist tracker with the right foot tracker, the right foot tracker on my waist will start acting like that. Hopefully that makes sense because it's a bit confusing to explain. It's basically any tracker that is on my waist will freak out but that same tracker placed on either foot acts fine.



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Where on your waist did you place the tracker? I'm asking because it's more likely that a waist tracker be occluded than a foot tracker. Do you have a 2 or 4 lighthouse setup? One way to confirm that it's occlusion is if you place an additional tracker on your waist (front and back for instance) does the loss of tracking alternate depending on where you are facing? One way to handle occlusion (using 2 waist trackers) would be to defer to the one that is still tracking, i.e. when tracking is lost (you can get that as a callback) you would switch to the other tracker for your position/rotation - keeping in mind the distance to the body center for accurate IK.



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