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Input Field in 3d world


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I want to have something like a start canvas in the vr world.

More precisely, before starting the "real application", the player has to type in his name and email adress


I am using a HTC Vive Pro Eye, so the idea would be to have a virtual keyboard which the user can controll via the controllers. Are there any similar projects/ideas/... how to do this?

I only found within the gameObjects the input field, which unfortunately does not occur in the vr world, just on the screen of the computer, but not visible with the headset.



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@chengnay Thank you for the information. I am trying to check the Assets/Samples/Wave/IMEMgr_Test file, but I cannot find it.

I install the Wave SDK package, and I think I have Wave Essence 5.2.0 - r.8

I couldn't find the sample file.

Do you know where the sample scene is located for the keyboard?

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Thank you for your reply @chengnay

I am not able to install the Essence and Native plugin from the Package Manager.  There was only VIVE WAve XR Plugin available in the Unity Asset Store. Did you get those plugins from GitHub or somewhere else?

I install the Essence plugin from Edit > Preferences > VIU Setting > WaveXR and I don't see the PureUnity or Essence sample in folders in my Assets.




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