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FOV : Wireless Link Box


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@Electron I can officially confirm a 150x150 degree FOV on the PC-side wireless transceiver (same on vertical and horizontal) with a rated range of 6m. You can definitely mount from overhead if you can also overhead mount the PC's (as you can't really reliably extend the wireless linkbox) - in fact, that's actually the best way to try and achieve occlusion free ranges that approach the ~10x10 meter range of BS2.0. 60Ghz is a "bouncy" frequency rather than a penetrating frequency - the behavior is very complex and unique to each environment but keep in mind that to an extent, signal bounce plays into the occlusion modeling and is actually partially how the system works.

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@VibrantNebula  Hi, 

Do you recommend this configuration (the wireless box in the ceiling) even in a multi user configuration (3 users in the same room where everyone can move freely everywhere in the room). The 3 wireless boxs will be gather themselves at the middle of the room.

Do you recommend to respect the distance of 1,50m between the wireless box and the playground (in the case where the wireless box is to at the ceiling ?). It would be rather 80cm in my case.

Thank you 😉


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  • I don't understand your second question unfortunately. The FOV of the PC-side transceiver is 150x150 deg and so the higher you mount it, the larger the area you can cover until you hit a point where the receiver is so far away, it starts to hit the limits of the system's range and quality starts to degrade or the connection breaks. When using it at closer ranges - you have to imagine what the FOV cone of the transceiver looks like (140x140), and adjust your playspace size to ensure most of it falls within the FOV for best quality.
  • I'd recommend testing within your specific environment - Wi-gig is a bouncy signal and so the way the signals bounce off your environment is completely dependent on the specifics of your environment and the materials - if you use the FOV as a general rule of thumb you should be fine because you aren't relying on a reflection for your connection. That said, reflections are a huge part of how Wi-gig works so optimization is really setup and site specific.
  • Mounting in the center pointed directly downward maximizes playspace


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