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Vive Pro Wirless eats up all my GPU Ram


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Hi Guys

I have unaturally bad performance for my System in VR. When im starting up steam VR my GPU shows fpsVr that my gpu is using 9 of 11 GB Memory. 
That couldnt be right, could it? 

Im not running anything except for steamvr Home, fpsVR  and vive wirless. 


Here are my System Specs:

Windows 10 Pro 
Rox Maximum X Hero (Wifi AC)
32 GB Ram
i7 -8700K CPU @3.70 GHZ 12 Cpus 
 Asus ROG Strix GeForce GTX1080Ti-11GB Gaming Grafikkarte
Geforce GTX 1080 TI


@VibrantNebula @jagibson

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@Amorgeddon - Vive wireless is a CPU based system - it will increase your CPU demand rather than your GPU demand. SteamVR home (i.e. SteamTours) is a fully rendered out environment with physics, lighting, spatialized audio, 3D assets, ect... so it actually makes sense that it's pulling your GPU resources more than a blank compositor environment.

I tested on a wired and wireless Vive Pro with a GTX2080Ti and got consistent GPU utilization rates between wired and wireless. SteamVR home is a heavy application - I personally disable it on all of my workstations because it does add rendering cost.

SteamVR home disabled:


SteamVR home enabled: image.png.d86923e174e86af449cba8bbc94c31a8.png

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Hey Vibrant .. Thanks for the insight. It is strange indeed. Is the Taskmanager screenshot showing the gpus memory ? Or what does the percentage mean. 

I use VRFps to show me the exact memory my gpu is using.. Processor is chilling at 20% but because of gpu i get very bad performance.



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@Amorgeddon -

1) I'm referencing the percentage of GPU compute resources that are being utilized via the task manager. If you go to the "performance tab" you can see memory usage. My general gist was that SteamVR home is a fully rendered out 3D environment with physics and so it makes sense that it takes up a bunch of resources. This being Valve, I'm sure SteamVR is probably using some rendering technologies to balance load against hardware. image.thumb.png.cb49f9afd09a4de93b23e715c6337dcd.png


2) SteamVR -> Settings -> General -> SteamVR Home


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