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Viveport, cosmos and multiplayers


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I noticed some multiplayers games are NOT running on viveport with cosmos...

I explain:

For example, AltspaceVR:

 -with viveport downloading, I do NOT see people online

 -when I download altspace on Steam, it works great and I can see online people


Others games same issue: eleven assassin, sairento

Any idea?

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Yes PokerVR works very well for example

Arizona Sunshine well also


But AltspaceVR, ElenAssassin and Sairento: it looks like as if viveport and steam use differents servers...

For example, on Eleven Assassin, my friend on steam can see 40 people online, and me on viveport juste 5...

And my friend on steam can not see these 5 people...



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@oxygen4004 -

What you're probably seeing is the result of which back end solution developers have integrated as their multiplayer solution.

At a high level, there are a few options developers have:

  • Using a store SDK:
    • (Steamworks, Oculus, ect...): When developers use a store SDK to drive multiplayer features, it typically isolates multiplayer into each storefront. For instance, you can't upload a Steamworks SDK enabled built to the Oculus store or Viveport and vice versa - the SDK services are platform restricted. In these situations, the platform usually provides centralized high speed servers and absorbs hosting fees (but some SDK's do technically enable peer to peer which can be slower and have higher latency).
  • Using a third party multiplayer solution or hosting your own severs (I.e. Photon engine)
    • In this case, developers are able to developer cross-play builds but they may have to pay for hosting fees and have custom integration costs.
  • Using an engine level multiplayer support
    • For practical reasons, this basically only applies to Unreal Engine games when it comes to VR as it's not common with Unity builds.

So overall, it depends on which SDK the developer has integrated which usually has to do with how their project is built and how they're approaching sever hosting costs. This is basically how it works with consoles as well. A general rule is that if you want true cross-platform multiplayer, the development studio has to host their own servers and implement their own custom multiplayer which is why it's not very common. Companies like VRChat have very high hosting fees due to their high user count because they're doing their own thing - they enjoy a higher degree of freedom as a result because their hosting isn't bound to a storefront.

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