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Bug with my new HTC VIVE Cosmos


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Hello here,

First of all, sorry for my poor english.

Few days ago I bought the htc vive cosmos but I have 2 problems...

-> I always need to do the setting of my room every days. ( Space limits of my room and watch around) 

-> When I crouch or when I pick up a weapon on the floor, i lose "signal" and my controllers disapear for few seconds, I need to watch around me to make them appear again.

I'm a "noob" with this technology so every tips are welcomes  !


Best regards, Verseb



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heya, new Cosmos user here too.

Room settings stay recorded for me, even after I unplug the headset overnight and close everything down.
Start up Vive console and look around a bit, then it goes to a ready state.

Ive not had any specific issues, but wouldd suggest you make sure you dont have baggy clothes on that could block your hand controller from the cameras, try not to reach directly underneath you, try to the side ?
any chance you could do a video of what your doing I am happy to try and replicate and see if i get the same issue.

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My room isn't really large, i'm playing on  something like :   1.5² Meters but it's enough.

My room is enlighten and I tried to put a light on the floor to see if the  controller"s problem come from light but no. The problem is still here.

I have a message that say something like : " Something maybe block your cameras, watch around you"  but nothing block my vision,   I think the problem come from somewhere else..

I'll try to post a video of my room later 




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Hey @Verseb

Welcome to the Cosmos family! ❤️

Apologies on the problems you're experiencing. I will work with you in addressing them. Here are my comments to each:

  • As stated above by Lionel, you shouldn't need to do room-setup every-time you turn on your headset. Typically should be a one time thing especially if you're logging in the same computer and same play area. I will have you submit an issue report for our engineering team to look at.
  • Make sure you're not blocking the cameras on your headset by accidentally holding your headset on the side or front with your hands. It is still suspicious you're getting that message... so I'll have our team look at your logs.

Here are instructions on submitting an issue report. Make sure to do it with your headset on and connected!


Please confirm here once you've submitted.



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