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Implement finger tracking into games like boneworks


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How far along is the finger tracking fpr the system? Is it good enough to use for games yet or are we still quite far from implementing?


Would be great for games like bone works where you have to grab objects constantly.


AND also I have noticed that in bone works when I play with the cosmos controllers that the trigger and analog stick is touch sensitive.

For example I have not even pressed down the trigger but in-game it knows I'm touching it already, same with the analog.

It took me by surprise and also added to the experience.

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Hi @Hooflee,

Thanks for sharing! 

The values you experienced with the trigger and analog stick being touch sensitive is Trigger / Joy stick - cap. Below are the controller inputs VR developers can leverage in their experience.

The "finger tracking experience" can rely on both the developer and hardware inputs available to them to work with. We also do have a SDK in beta that's more purpose-built towards "finger tracking." You can check that out here: https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-hand-tracking-sdk/

Source: https://developer.vive.com/resources/2019/06/04/getting-started-with-cosmos-development/

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@Hooflee - Adding a developer-oriented slant here:

The Cosmos controller feature capacitive touch capabilities on the buttons, the trigger, and the thumbsticks. It's a binary system, not a digital analog system like you see with Index. In other words, the controller can report when you're touching a button but not depressing/activating it. Developers can take these touch states and use them to dynamically alter the hand model used in the game to deliver a greater amount of "hand presence" than you'd get without capacitive touch. The system cannot do full on hand tracking like the Index controllers; you'll have the highest level of fidelity with the trigger as that's a full on mechanical switch but otherwise the capacitive features are binary.

We do have an optical-based hand tracking SDK that's in early access but this is mostly designed for simple interactions such as menu navigation - it's not something that would have the resolution or accuracy of a native hardware solution as the Index controllers. Currently that SDK is a little more optimized for Vive Pro over Cosmos as Pro is a more mature development platform.


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