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When the main camera position changes, the hand models twisted


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Hi @CSharpMaster

Can you please clarify the situation, how did you move your camera? You mean moves HMD or you are add extra offset to the parent game object of MainCamera?

Also, can you try the Sample scene and see what happens to the skeleton? Please use v0.9.0 which should have better accuracy than v0.8.1.

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Hierarchy Image attach.


I added CameraRig(Just Create Empty GameObject) in HandModel(ViveHandTracking\Sample\HandModel) of vive Hand Tracking unitypackage(v0.9.0). And the Main Camera set of the CameraRig.
And I put the main Camera as a child of the CameraRig.


If you change The Camera Rig position after play.
you can see this problem.


The reason for using the CameraRig

I will make a contents, This contents is tour for village.


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Hi @CSharpMaster

Thanks for the steps to reproduce. We will investigate the reason and I think it can be improved in the next version. Target release date is end of February.

As for now, one suggestion is to move the HMD slower and don't make long moves. Or you can add hints to users and let them put hands down and up again.

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