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OpenCV in SRWork SDK


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Hi and happy new year!


I did stereo calibration with 2 webcams through opencv dll import in C# script refering SRWork SDK's stereo calibration method and OpenCV tutorials from Google.

Then I meet a severe frame drop.


As I know and understand from "ViveSR_DualCameraImagePlane.cs" and "ViveSR_DualCameraImageCapture.cs", SRWork SDK uses opencv dll import also.

(Of course mine is surely poor) And VR front camera stereo calibration doesnt have any frame drop or lag.


I re-mapped texture in OpenCV dll. 'cause I heard processing in dll is faster than in C#.

But, when I run in Unity, SRWork works perfect while what I did works very poor..


May I ask How can I approach this problem? sorry for vague question  T.T

@Daniel_Y @zzy @Andy.YC_Wang @Sean_Su

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